Mission & vision

The mission of the cluster

The mission of the ECICT is to coordinate the activities of a strong and elastic organisation which brings together independent entities (enterprises, non-governmental organisations, universities, research centers and individuals) and cooperates with local self-government units from Eastern Poland while using the potential of its members and national partners to fulfil every commercial and social task, financed with both private and public funding (including innovative and international tasks) within the areas of informatisation and telecommunication, especially: energetics, renewable sources of energy, higher education, administration and self-government, communcation and media, multimedia and tourism, logistics and transport, agriculture, healthcare, clusters and business environment institutions.

The vision of the cluster

The vision: the Eastern Cluster ICT is a modern business environment organisation, attractive to its members, partners and clients, recognised locally, nationally and internationally, integrating business and scientific environments with the support of local self-governments and foreign partners of the ICT sector.

The values of the Eastern Cluster ICT are:
  • credibility
  • innovativeness in action
  • entrepreneurship
  • professionalism
  • mutual trust